I thought, what I can do to help children of our World to survive the Corona pandemic and I came to the answer, “Donate for Download“. This means, I will not sell Superintelligence2525 Version 3.0. I will bind it to your Donation, more than 10€, to UNICEF Coronavirus children’s crisis appeal.

More: https://www.unicef.org/coronavirus/covid-19/donate

You can just do it now by clicking the following links:

Deutsch: https://www.unicef.de/spenden/opt-jetzt-spenden?purpose=212684&live=yes

How would I do this ?

I would do this the easiest way. See Attachement.

After you have donated more than 10€, you will get an e-mail from UNICEF with the amount of money you spend. Just forward me friedeljonker@gmail.com this e-mail and I will send you after the Releasedate 2020/01/07, your individual Dropbox Download link for Superintelligence2525 Version 3.0.

Thanks for helping our children to survive the coronavirus pandemic with your Donation to UNICEF.

Now you can start to become a member of Worldwide Superintelligence2525 Users.

Have fun and become Superintelligent. Business is People πŸ™‚

Yours Friedel Jonker