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My name is Friedel Jo(n)ker and I am born in 1959.

Digitization is my Passion. At IBM they call me the

Digital Transformation Joker πŸ™‚

Yes, since January 2019 IΒ΄m 60 years young :-).

I am married with Anja Jonker and we have two children. Janina and Tobias.

We are living near Frankfurt, Germany.

I like Art, Traveling, Taking photos and Listening to Music :-).

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On 2021/03/19 I posted a 59 seconds video on instagram. If you would view

it again or view the long version, just click on the following Links after the Screen-Shots:

Short Video Version

Short Introduction to Superintelligence2525 Version 3.0

Superintelligence is your cognitve, physical and spiritual Capability to continously use

and improve your own Potentials through smarter technologies.

Through Superintelligence you can achieve Quantenjumps in Effectivity and Efficiency.

If you have not heard/read about Superintelligence2525 before,
Superintelligence2525 is Worlds 1st. Open Hypermedia Knowledge
Management Ecosystem for ME and You.

More: Click on the following Link:

Long Video Version

More: Click on the following Link: