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Author, editor or organization Title ISBN Buy it at amazon (= Custom field 3) Blog article (= Custom field 1)
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Brynjolfsson, Erik; McAfee, Andrew The Second Machine Age 9783864702228
Cortada, James W. TQM for information systems management 9780070237575
Davenport, Thomas H. Thinking for a Living 978-1-59139-423-5
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Hernandez, Gwen Scrivener For Dummies 1118312457
Ignizio, James P. An introduction to expert systems 0-07-909785-5
Jones, William P. Keeping found things found 978-0-12-370866-3
Jones, William P.; Teevan, Jaime Personal information management 978-0-295-98737-8
Katzenbach, Jon R. Real change leaders 9780812926262
Krafft, Manfred; Mantrala, Murali K. Retailing in the 21st Century 3-540-28399-4
Kumar, V.; Reinartz, Werner J. Customer relationship management 978-3-642-20109-7
Lindkvist, Magnus Everything we know is wrong 978-0-462-09966-8
Marquardt, Michael J. Action learning in action 0-89106-124-X 29
McAfee, Andrew; Brynjolfsson, Erik Machine, Platform, Crowd 3864705630
Meffert, Heribert Computergestützte Marketing-Informationssysteme 3322989593
Meffert, Heribert Marktorientierte Unternehmensführung im Wandel 3322844269
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Meffert, Heribert; Burmann, Christoph; Kirchgeorg, Manfred; Eisenbeiß, Maik Marketing 9783658211967
Mocker, Martin; Ross, Jeanne; Hopkins, Craig How USAA architected its business for life event integration
Müller, Mirco; Müller, Jan SugarCRM 3836213095
Müller, Mirco; Müller, Jan SugarCRM 978-3-00-032550-2
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Prahalad, C. K.; Krishnan, Mayuram S. The new age of innovation 978-0-07-159828-6
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Sol, Henk G. Expert systems and artificial intelligence in decision support systems 90-277-2437-7
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