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My name is Friedel Jonker and I am born in 1959. Yes, since January 2019 I´m 60 years young :-). I am married with Anja Jonker and we have two children. Janina and Tobias. We are living near Frankfurt, Germany. I like Art, Traveling, Taking photos and Listening to Music :-).

I like Art from Franz Marc and Ton Schulten



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Franz Marc -Meisterwerke

Fighting Forms

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In Marc’s very final works before the outbreak of the First World War, it is extremely difficult to identify any animals, since non-representational form and abstraction have taken over. One of his final major paintings is Kämpfende Formen (Fighting Forms) which is dominated by two swirling shapes, one red and the other black.

Painted at the start of the Great War, Fighting Forms (1914) is clearly the product of a country at war. We see in Marc’s painting two opposing forces that are very obvious. This mentality was very common during World War I because of propaganda. Propaganda drove a wedge between good and evil, right and wrong. Fighting Forms perfectly expresses this belief. As Marc explains:”Objects speak: objects possess will and form, why should we wish to interrupt them! We have nothing sensible to say to them. Haven’t we learned in the last thousand years that the more we confront objects with the reflection of their appearance, the more silent they become.

Franz Marc actually participated directly in World War I. Marc enlisted as soon as the war started in 1914. However, in an effort to keep protect the future of German art, many prominent artists of the time were taken out of action. Before the order reached Marc, he was killed near Verdun, France on March 4th, 1916.

Fighting Forms shows the influence of color symbolism, a technique that had been pioneered by Vincent van Gogh. While Van Gogh used an impulsive, gestural application of paint and symbolic colors to express subjective emotions, Marc use colors to humanize natural forms in the landscape, emphasizing his own interest in pantheism. Fighting Forms was Marc’s last painting, which clearly indicated that he had abandoned figural painting.

Ton Schulten

Ton Schulten lives 20 miles away form the town where I was born. I like his painting, they represent the power of colour and light. Emotion and enchantment, the world in the eyes of Ton Schulten. The colour, the glow and lustre, the shape. The emotion and experience. That is the world of Ton Schulten. Or perhaps: the world in the eyes of Ton Schulten.

Jurjen Beumer & Ton Schulten -Wenn the Day awakes

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Traveling and taking Photos


As an lifelong learner I´m always up for traveling and taking Photos from the nice places of our world. I select those places from my Pinterest Boards and visit some of them.

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During Writing, I listen to Music from Marina, Depeche Mode, Alan Parsons, Madonna, Genesis, Supertramp a.s.o.

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Since 2016 I´m retired and use my time to “WORK HARD AND YEAH I HAVE COME SO FAR” on the development of my Superintelligence2525/Supi2525 Ecosystem and since December 2018 on my Blog Smarter Learning, Work and Healthcare 2019.

My Vision is, that in 2020 my Ecosystem and Blog will give everyone the possibility to achieve an IQ from 300.

Superintelligence2525/Supi2525 comes from Science Fiction and will become Science Progress 🙂

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My work with Artificial Intelligence

I first get in touch with Artificial Intelligence in 1980. At this time, the AI science focus was on Knowledge-based/Expert Systems. These computer programs in Prolog/Turbo Prolog are based on the idea that you can use rules to encode all human knowledge in Expert Systems. During my time as Manager Marketing Database at Citicorp Credit Card Services (1990-1994) I get in touch with Neural Networks. At Citicorp Neural Networks have been/are used to analyse and define Fraud Detection and Creditlines by types of Credit Card holders.

When I worked as CRM & BI Program Director at Deutsche Leasing AG, S-Finance Group (1994-2008) we used Neural Networks to analyze good and bad Leasing Clients and to Forecast CRM Activities. When I worked as Business Development Manager/Software Client Leader and IBM Watson Ambassador at IBM (2008-2015), I get in touch with IBM Watson and Reinforcement Learning.

That moment came in 2013, when IBM Watson, trained with reinforcement learning and defeated Humans in Jeopardy. The effect on the research community was immediate.

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My Business and IT knowledge includes Integrated Business & Technology Planning & Implementation Management. I worked in International Business Planning and Development, Marketing, Sales, Service and Controlling. Through my business development and sales focus I have worked for and with the leading companies and leaders CXOs of the world to consult in Data Mgmt., Database Marketing & Sales, CRM, Big Data, BI, Social Business and Enterprise Digital Transformation.

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My Vision of a Superintelligence Ecosystem to achieve an IQ from 300


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