Superintelligence2525 Version 3.0 pb Visual Countdown Calendar 2022/2023 in Work.

Planned Releasedate of the Ecosystem Superintelligence2525 Version 3.0 pb until now is: 2023/01/07.

The Releasedate depends on the going Live from Scrivener 3.0 for Windows because Superintelligence2525 is powered by Scrivener 3.0 for Windows.

More about Superintelligence2525, click here: 80. Superintelligence2525 Version 3.0 Releasedate 2021/01/07 in MS-Sway

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Superintelligence2525 V3 pb Launch

Year 2020

December 2020

Following you will see the calendar of my Blog articles in December 2020. To view the Blog articles, click on the day.

Dec 2020

Sunday 13

#Superintelligence2525 #Supi2525 #SI2525

Monday 14

Works on Windows 10, iPad and iPhone

Tuesday 15

#Superintelligence2525 is powered by Scrivener

Wednesday 16

#Superintelligence2525 Open Ecosystem

Thursday 17

Superintelligence2525 E-Books and the Scrivener 3.0 Editor

Friday 18

Superintelligence2525 3C Intelligent Architecture: Concept, Content and Collection

superminds #superintelligence #superintelligence2525 #supi2525 #si2525 #bmbf #openaccess #thinking about created with #scrivener #dropbox and #thebrain Running on #windows10 #mac #ipad #iphone🙂

Saturday 19

From Memex to GSPIRIT to KnowMO4ME

Sunday 20

Superintelligence2525 General Overview

Monday 21

Everything a human can imagine, will other humans implement. Jules Verne

Tuesday 22

“This book is not primarily about how computers will do things people used to do. It’s about how people and computers together will do things that were never possible before. It’s about how human-computer superminds will be smarter than anything our world has ever seen. And it’s about how we can use these new kinds of collective intelligence to help solve some of our most important problems in business, government and many other parts of society.” Chess grandmaster Garry Kasparov

Wednesday 23

UNICEF Picture of the year 2019
UNICEF Picture of the year 2020

Thursday 24

Merry Christmas 🎄 all over the World 🌍

Friday 25

The only source of knowledge is experience

Saturday 26

About ME

Sunday 27

Superintelligence2525 E-Books

Monday 28

Superintelligence2525 E-Books

Tuesday 29

From Memex to GSPIRIT to KnowMO4ME

Wednesday 30

The year of coronavirus

Thursday 31

Free download of Scrivener for Windows latest Beta -Release Candidate 14. More:

YEAR 2021

January 2021

Friday 1

Superintelligence2525 Donate for Download. More: Superintelligence2525 Version 3.0 Donate for Download

Saturday 2

If you can Test Superintelligence2525 with Scrivener Beta, just download the Extract Supi2525Test.scriv from my Dropbox. After you have downloaded and installed Scrivener Beta and Supi2525v3Test.scriv, you just have to open this file in Scrivener Beta to become Superintelligent :-). Here ist the Link: Supi2525Test Download

Sunday 3

My Blog Top 5 Countries Visitors. 319,706 Total Pageviews and 91,412 Total Unique Visitors

Expect more 🙂

Monday 4

Scan Cover Barcode with Handy, send Link to your e-Mail, download folder, install Software, read PDFs and start testing Superintelligence2525 to become Superintelligent🙂

Tuesday 5

Superintelligence2525 Version 3.0 Short Video Overview

Wednesday 6

2020 The year of Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic
Covid-19 in 2020 -The year when everything changed. Why the pandemic will be remembered as a turning-point

Thursday 7

Superintelligence2525 V3 Launch

Scan to Test
Superintelligence2525 Cover with Scan to Test Barcode
Superintelligence2525 Version 3.0 has gone Live. To get Version 3.0 please Donate for Download. Thanks 🙏 in the name of our children. More: Superintelligence2525 Version 3.0 Donate for Download