My Videocasts Playlist on Youtube


The Following Video will show you my Videocast Intro.

You will see Denise, my AI Virtual Assistant which I use to manage my Desktop. Denise will explain what she is: An Advanced Virtual Assistant software with real-time proprietary graphic engine and s.o. After this Denise will introduce myself to you.

Then I asked Denise what Artificial Intelligence is and she searched the internet and will give a definition.

Thanks for listening. More is comming soon :-).

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The following video shows Denise with a different face and dress.


The following video does not have sound. It just shows the website overview as of Januar, 16. 2019.


The following video shows my ebook introduction to Superintelligence2525/Supi2525

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The following Videos shows how you quickly organize your desktop with Fences, Objectdoc and 8Gadgets.


The following video shows the structure of my E-Book Superintelligence2525/Supi2525 within Scrivener. I use Scrivener and not Word, because Scrivener allows me to implement my ideas of writing Supi2525 easily.

If you like to know why I use Scrivener to write my E-book Superintelligence2525/Supi2525 watch the following Video.


The following Video shows why and how I use TheBrain for Superintelligence2525/Supi2525. I use TheBrain to visulize the context network of Supi2525.