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Interview mit Greta Thunberg: “Ich bin Realistin. Ich sehe Fakten.”


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Goldene Kamera 2019

Greta Thunberg wins German Golden Camera award

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The young climate activist has been awarded a special prize during Germany’s best-known media awards show. She used her speech to call on media celebrities to spread the message on climate change.


Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg won a German Golden Camera award on Saturday.

The award is one of the most recognized media awards in Germany. It was originally awarded to television personalities, but has since been expanded to international stars.

“Greta Thunberg became an icon of a new youth and protest movement within a very short time as a climate activist. Every Friday, hundreds of thousands of schoolchildren and students from all over the world take to the streets to persuade politicians to take action,” the organization said in a statement.

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“For Greta Thunberg there is no perhaps or sometime, but only a NOW. She shows that a single voice can be heard and make a difference. She is stubborn and determined in her demands for climate protection. Her words are rapidly disseminated in the social and classical media, and her mission is supported by new followers every day.”

In her acceptance speech, the 16-year-old called for urgent steps to combat climate change, saying the world is at a crossroads. She called on media celebrities to use their voices to help effect change, criticizing them for the lack of action to date.

Time is now

“There is still a little time to change something. But this time must now be used for more climate protection,” she said.

She dedicated the special prize to the activists who protest against the destruction of the Hambach Forest, which is threatened by lignite mining.

Thunberg’s impassioned campaign against climate change has inspired young people around the world to take action. The Fridays fo Future school strikes have proliferated around the world.

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Swedish Teen Climate Activist Greta Thunberg Has Been Nominated For The Nobel Peace Prize | TIME


Greta Thunberg in Sweden, woman of the year 2019 – view

on the Occasion of world women’s day, the young Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg has been to call in your home country for the most important woman of the year. In a survey conducted by the Institute Inizio on behalf of the newspaper “Aftonbladet”, the 16-Year-old narrowly against the party leader of the Christian Democrats, Ebba Busch Thor,.

Also, another Swedish newspaper, “Expressen”, named Thunberg “woman of the year”. There, a Jury decided on the award.

“Wow, this is amazing! This is very overwhelming and hard to believe”, was Thunberg quoted from “Aftonbladet”. “This is confirmation that what I’m trying to make a difference. And that I am so young, is too funny, I’m still a child.”

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For years climate change has been a big issue in search of a leader. Politicians, celebrities and naturalists have taken up the cause -think Al Gore, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jane Goodall.

But no one has captured the spirit of what is happening to the Earth as much as this autisitic teenager, with her simple message: You are stealing my future.

























































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Greta Thunberg “You can’t just sit around waiting for hope to come” 2019-02-21 in Brussels

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Great Greta Thunberg speech in Hamburg 2019/03/01

Meet the women deciding not to have kids because of climate change

Birthstrike is a movement of women who don’t want to bring children into a warming world.


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What is Fridays For Future?

#FridaysforFuture is a peoples movement following the call from @GretaThunberg to school strike.

Why are kids striking?

School children are required to attend school. But with the worsening Climate Destruction this goal of going to school begins to be pointless.
– Why study for a future, which may not be there?
– Why spend a lot of effort to become educated, when our governments are not listening to the educated?

The basics on how/when/where to strike

Greta requests that people strike infront of their closest town hall, every friday. With a sign, take a picture and post it with the hashtags

How supporters can support

Many people do not think they can strike, i.e. they are worried about their school grades. The Belgium schools all used clocks which then ‘struck’ and then took a picture and this was there method to strike on November 30. Other groups have other ways to find a way to strike, even churches have their bells strike! Some empathy strike. All support is welcome.

If you post your work with the hashtag #FridaysForFuture and #ClimateStrike we will be able to find and share your excellent work.

Schulentschuldigung wegen freitäglicher Abwesenheit

Liebe Schülerinnen und Schüler,

falls Eure Lehrer Ärger wegen freitäglicher Abwesenheit machen, haben wir ein kleines Dokument für Euch vorbereitet:


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NASA Facts about Climate Change


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Carbon Dioxide

This time series shows global changes in the concentration and distribution of carbon dioxide since 2002 at an altitude range of 1.9 to 8 miles. The yellow-to-red regions indicate higher concentrations of CO2, while blue-to-green areas indicate lower concentrations, measured in parts per million.

Global Temperature

This color-coded map shows a progression of changing global surface temperatures since 1884. Dark blue indicates areas cooler than average. Dark red indicates areas warmer than average.

Sea Ice

This visualization shows the annual Arctic sea ice minimum since 1979. At the end of each summer, the sea ice cover reaches its minimum extent, leaving what is called the perennial ice cover. The area of the perennial ice has been steadily decreasing since the satellite record began in 1979.

Sea Level

Recent satellite observations have detected a thinning of parts of the Greenland ice sheet at lower elevations.  A partial melting of this ice sheet would cause a 1-meter (3-foot) rise. If melted completely, the Greenland ice sheet contains enough water to raise sea level by 5-7 meters (16-23 feet).

This visualization shows the effect on coastal regions for each meter of sea level rise, up to 6 meters (19.7 feet).  Land that would be covered in water is shaded red.

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