My intension with Supi2525 E-Book, as part of the Ecosystem, was to compose/write the:


1st. E-Book that gives you an relevant overview of state of the art research and practice in the area of Intelligent Digital Transformation (IDT)

1st. E-Book which covers Genius and Genius Principles in the Past, Present and Future

1st. E-Book which describes the architecture of High Performance Work Systems Today

1st. E-Book which delivers an innovative Model #gspirit and Solution #knowmo4me

1st. E-Book that can be flexible used and changed by you in structure and content

1st. E-Book who was composed with relevant internet content and can be updated by you

1st. E-Book that is connected to Social Media Networks like Youtube and Pinterest

1st. E-Book which can be used to help you to transform into the Digital Age

1st. E-Book for setting up and optimize your future workplace

1st. E-Book that will free you up to drive for personal-/organizational Excellence

1st. E-Book that gives you Superintelligence anywhere and anytime on any system

1st. E-Book which helps you to become and stay the 1st in the Digital Age

Supi2525 Ecosystem is easy to implement, to use and to extend.


18. Concept & Solution of Superintelligence2525/Supi2525 Personet

26. The Road to Smarter Personalized Learning with Superintelligence2525

36. Superintelligence2525/Supi2525 Free Content is King πŸ™‚

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