You can predict the future best, if you create it.

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In the year 2025 PC and Hypertext will give everybody an IQ from 300

Ted Nelson

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Never in recent times mankind has been so innovative and productive. With the help of new intelligent integrated technologies we know more, understand better, implement new business models and solutions quicker than ever and generate higher business value.

Now we can solve problems which we never thought to solve. Now we have the tools to start into the Age of Superintelligence.

Now is 2020 the time for Superintelligence2525.

What is Superintelligence2525/Supi2525 Personet ?

There are several Defintions of Superintelligence.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:
A superintelligence is a hypothetical agent that possesses intelligence far surpassing that of the brightest and most gifted human minds. “Superintelligence” may also refer to a property of problem-solving systems (e.g., superintelligent language translators or engineering assistants) whether or not these high-level intellectual competencies are embodied in agents that act in the world. A superintelligence may or may not be created by an intelligence explosion and associated with a technological singularity.

University of Oxford philosopher Nick Bostrom defines superintelligence as “an intellect that is much smarter than the best human brains in practically every field, including scientific creativity, general wisdom and social skills.

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From my practical point of view is Superintelligence an attitude of a human, that outperforms other humans in every aspects of our life.

Supi2525 is the World´s first Personet Information and Learning Ecosystem that makes human Superintelligent.

A Personet is a system of interconnected personal hardware, software and Apps that uses personal and internet knowledge, Hyperlinks, Web-Links, Cloud Applications and Apps to empower people to become Superintelligent with an IQ of 300.

Supi2525 consists of my Cloud E-Book were I´m writing about “How to achieve Personal Peak Performance through Creativity, Strategic Thinking, Software and Apps with GSPIRIT & KnowMO4ME” and selected Software and Apps.

Here are some Facts about Superintelligence2525/Supi2525 as of 2019/02/02

-850 MB in Scrivener this equals 850 MB x 500 (Pages per MB)=425.000 Pages/500=850  printed Books.

How many pages of text will one megabyte hold?

1 MB how many pages

Answer: There is no exact answer to this question, because every page is different. Some pages are single-spaced, some double-spaced, some use large fonts, and some use small fonts. So, the number of characters on a given page can vary widely. Since the number of characters are what determine the page size, you can see why it is hard to estimate how many pages make up a megabyte.
You can be a little more accurate if you know how much space each character takes up. And this is pretty simple because 1 character = 1 byte. So, about 1000 characters equal 1 kilobyte. If a page has 2000 characters on it (a reasonable average for a double-spaced page), then it will take up 2K (2 kilobytes). That means it will take about 500 pages of text to equal one megabyte. If a page has 4000 characters (single-spaced), then it will take about 250 pages of text to equal one megabyte.

From GSPIRIT 1.0 to GSPIRIT 4.0


I developed GSPIRIT 1.0 during my time as Program Director CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and BI (Business Intelligence) at Deutsche Leasing AG, an S-Finance Group Company in Germany.


Friedel Jonker´s GSPIRIT 1.0 model is integrated within all stages of a client’s change management program. The GSPIRIT 1.0 model consists of 7 core building blocks (Global, Strategy, People, Information, Resources, Innovations and Technologies) that are designed to create total stakeholder engagement. Through these building blocks, companies ensures employees at all levels of an organization are prepared to embrace change and drive lasting results.

Based on the implementation of the GSPIRIT 1.0 Model, Deutsche Leasing AG achieved there Objectives and received in 2005 the Sales Excellence Award from University of St. Gallen and German Handelsblatt.

1adb031d1adc25e11856ae7440f9c737Sales Award Belz-Deutsche Leasing_01

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…Will be continued 🙂

KnowMO4 ME

KnowMO4ME stands for Knowledge Management Office 4ME. Most people are working with Microsoft Office which is mainley used for administrative work. KnowMO4ME extends Microsoft Office with selected Knowledge Management supporting PC/Laptop Software and iPad/Tablett/Smartphone Apps.

At the Center of Supi2525 is my Hypermedia Cloud E-Book written with Scrivener Software and App. Compared to MS-Word or other writing Software, Scrivener gave me the possibility to Structure, Restructure, Link, Compile and Save my Hypermedia E-Book as a Personet in the Dropbox-Cloud for reading and using on PC/Laptop and ipad.


Supi2525 is an E-book series for ME and You. For ME this book/e-books works like an extension of my brain without breaking links and has helped me to become an expert at the Interface of Management and Technology and especially in CRM, the core Strategy & Technology to achieve Customer Awareness, Relationships, Sales and Satisfaction.

My intension with Supi2525 was to compose/write the

1st. E-Book that gives you an relevant overview of state of the art research and practice      in the area of Intelligent Digital Transformation (IDT)
1st. E-Book which covers Genius and Genius Principles in the Past, Present and Future
1st. E-Book which describes the architecture of High Performance Work Systems Today
1st. E-Book which delivers an innovative Model #gspirit and Solution #knowmo4me
1st. E-Book that can be flexible used and changed by you in structure and content
1st. E-Book who was composed with relevant internet content and can be updated by you
1st. E-Book that is connected to Social Media Networks like Youtube and Pinterest
1st. E-Book which can be used to help you to transform into the Digital Age
1st. E-Book for setting up and optimize your future workplace
1st. E-Book that will free you up to drive for personal-/organizational Excellence
1st. E-Book that gives you Superintelligence anywhere and anytime on any system
1st. E-Book which helps you to become and stay the 1st in the Digital Age

Supi2525 Ecosystem is easy to implement, to use and to extend.

Let´s take a look at the Supi2525 Ecosystem Solution:

Supi2525 Ecosystem Presentation

Supi2525 Ecosystem Video

Supi2525 Ecosystem Slideshow

Slideshow of Blog article 18. Concept & Solution of Superintelligence2525/ Supi2525 Personet

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The Operating System is Windows 10 with the following installed Software:

  • Fences  and Objectdock for organizing windows software by categories on the Desktop
  • 8GadgetPack for Apps on the right,
  • Scrivener for writing Supi2525
  • WordPress for writing my Blog and
  • The Brain for visualizing Supi2525
  • NextOS

iPad/Android Tablet

  • Scrivener for writing and reading Supi2525 (Not on Tablet),
  • WordPress for writing and reading my Blog and
  • The Brain for visualizing Supi2525

iPhone/Android Smartphone

  • Scrivener for writing and reading Supi2525 (Not on Smartphone),
  • WordPress for writing and reading my Blog and
  • The Brain for visualizing Supi2525

Cloud Services

  • Dropbox on PC/Laptop, iPad and Smartphone to synchronize Scrivener


In the following Screen-Shots and Screen-Videos you can see how the Supi2525 Ecosystem works:

1. Install Fences, Objectdock and 8GadgetPack to organize your Windows 10 Desktop




  • This brings you from a chaos Desktop to an organized Desktop


2. Install Scrivener and download/open Supi2525 from Dropbox





3. Install TheBrain and download/open Supi2525 from Dropbox



4. I used NextOS Denise as my Virtual Personal Assistant on my Laptop

NextOS Denise

NextOS Denise is an advanced Virtual Personal Assistant software with real-time proprietary graphic engine, a high quality English Text to speech voice and the best dictation Speech Recognition system (Nuance Dragon), available in 6 languages. Denise is working with an adaptive Artificial Intelligence Brain, and can learn and can be customized by you. Denise main function is to assist you in human-computer interaction, like searching the web, checking e-mail, scheduling appointments, getting latest news, run computer applications by voice and much more, all these using natural language or written commands.


If you are interested in reading more about Superintelligence2525/Supi2525

Please Click here to take a look in My Flipbook about Superintelligence2525


Will be continued 🙂